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Amon Ott ao at rsbac.org
Fri Apr 17 10:58:36 CEST 2009

Hello everyone!

On Tuesday 14 April 2009 wrote Jens Kasten:
> i would suggest to give a forum a try.
> If someone like to spend in his sparetime to help to manage the forum,
> it would a good startpoint.
> Also if a forum would be stabliesed then we would need suggestions for
> the categories.
> For example:
>   installation,
>   software dependcies,
>   tools for create policies,
> like this.
> My oppinion is, that a forum has create flexibility for searching then
> an maillinglist. If the forum grows with knowledge then it would be good
> place to keep the users experience readable through the most common used
> software, the internetbrowser, avaible to the public.
> Maybe i never had really learnt how to search through all archived
> mails. But maybe iam not allone with this limitations. :)
> So please think about it, and help to bring the knowledge from the dark
> celler to the public surface.

After waiting a few days for your opinions it is time for me to give my view. 
In general, I agree that we need more information available about RSBAC.

For me, a forum is useful to focus on some topics and provide direct 
solutions. Even though the mailing list is supposed to provide that and the 
IRC channel answers quick questions, some people might find it easier to ask 
or answer in a forum. These are my basic ideas:

- The forum is hosted in a virtual server forum.rsbac.org. If Paul is still 
willing to set it up and maintain it technically, I would gladly accept this 
offer and support him at the server side. If we feel daring and find more 
people, we could make it more general and call it forum.kernelsecurity.org 
with general and RSBAC topics seperated (yes, we own that domain. :).

- Posting is only allowed after registration, read access is free. Condition 
for registration is that people accept the usual conditions, e.g. that we 
keep the right to delete inappropiate postings and that all content may be 
used in the official RSBAC documentation with a free license

- At least two people volunteer to moderate the forum. This means that they 
keep a regular eye on all postings and block or remove inapropiate stuff and 
feel responsible for everything. These volunteers should be none of kang, 
michal and me, we are too busy developing.

- At least one volunteer tracks tipps and solutions in the forum and compiles 
them into official documentation at www.rsbac.org. Frequent questions go into 
a FAQ at www.rsbac.org. When the answer is officially in docs, the forum 
thread is finished with a link to it.

- If the forum does not work out, I would rather close it down than keep a 
dead forum. This includes inactive or missing moderators, because we are 
legally responsible for postings.

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