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Javier J. Martínez Cabezón tazok.id0 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 17:44:48 CEST 2009

As a regular user forum and ex-moderator of one of them I say this, I
think it's "not" a good idea. Reasons, at least the 90% of the forums,
if not all, finally does only content garbage, the reason is that
people does not search nothing before posting it's question. A lot of
threads has titles like this "HELP, URGENT" and it's problem it's
related with (for example) that he doesn't know howto unpack the
tar.gz. I think the wiki is a better way to content documentation
(your humour sense will change with a forum keep this in mind), more
controlled and with less useless documentation.

2009/4/14 Jens Kasten <igraltist en rsbac.org>:
> Hi list,
> i would suggest to give a forum a try.
> If someone like to spend in his sparetime to help to manage the forum,
> it would a good startpoint.
> Also if a forum would be stabliesed then we would need suggestions for
> the categories.
> For example:
>  installation,
>  software dependcies,
>  tools for create policies,
> like this.
> My oppinion is, that a forum has create flexibility for searching then
> an maillinglist. If the forum grows with knowledge then it would be good
> place to keep the users experience readable through the most common used
> software, the internetbrowser, avaible to the public.
> Maybe i never had really learnt how to search through all archived
> mails. But maybe iam not allone with this limitations. :)
> So please think about it, and help to bring the knowledge from the dark
> celler to the public surface.
> grüsse
> jens
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