[rsbac] 1.2.8 uploaded to pre

Andrea Pasquinucci cesare at ucci.it
Wed Aug 23 10:08:33 CEST 2006

My 2c: from 1.2.5 things for me are much simpler, I actually backport 
the RSBAC version number to 1.2.5 of the new rsbac-kernel and install 
it, without changing anything else. Up to now has been working with no 
problem. So my kernels are all called rsbac-1.2.5 so that I do not need 
to change the rsbac-tools etc., no problems with my configurations.

For the future, but I guess this is what Amon is trying to do, it will 
be nice if kernel, admin-tools and config with 1.3.* (and different 
'*') will be all compatible, so to be able to run with a configuration 
created with tools 1.3.1, kernel 1.3.5 and tools 1.3.4. 


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