[rsbac] 1.2.8 uploaded to pre

Vincent Danen vdanen at annvix.org
Tue Aug 29 19:06:04 CEST 2006

* Amon Ott <ao at rsbac.org> [2006-08-29 16:26:57 +0200]:

> > What would *really* be nice is if you used "diff -puN" rather than 
> "diff
> > -uN" just because then I can see what functions a particular hunk
> > applies to.  Right now, I have to take the old kernel (2.4.32), do a
> > diff myself, and figure out where the fuzz is off.  If you guys did 
> that
> > already, it would make life *so* much simpler... =)
> The newer releases all have -N in the diff options, just checked 1.2.8 
> patches to be sure.

-N is nice, but -p is what I was really after (-p is what adds the
function name as part of the hunk).

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