Rafal Bisingier ravbc at man.poznan.pl
Wed May 25 11:01:01 CEST 2005


I have many entries in log like:
kern.info: rsbac_adf_request(): request GET_STATUS_DATA, pid 3218, ppid
1542, prog_name clamd, prog_file /usr/sbin/clamd, uid 43, audit_uid 43,
target_type SCD, tid other, attr none, value none, result NOT_GRANTED by
This one is about clamd and blocking module is JAIL, but I've seen also
other programs (mostly daemons, but also login, ps, bash, tail) with the
same target/request but blocked by RC or ACL
The question is: is this something I shoud fix, or is it normal?
Everything seems to work without problems. If this should be fixed, then
where to look for a reason of this behaviour?
I don't think that granting anyone access to GET_STATUS_DATA of SCD/other
is a good solution, is it?

Rafal Bisingier
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