[rsbac] Decent/Valid values for RES modules

Michal Purzynski albeiro at polsl.gliwice.pl
Thu May 19 15:26:45 CEST 2005

On 18 maj, 2005, at 16:58, Chirag Pandya wrote:

> Hello All,
> I am working on the RSBAC RES module.  My plan is to limit the number
> of resources available for a set of users.
> The rsbac_menu takes free form numbers for RES min/max Resources items
> cpu, fsize, data, stack etc ...
> What are these values in?  What are good/decent values?  I couldn't
> see anything about this in the documentation
> For example for "cpu" I can enter numbers as high as 4294967295.
they are the in the same units as normal linux resource limits. that's 
why it is not adding its  own mechanism but reusing existing one. most 
of them are in bytes, unless obviously otherwise, like cpu time (in 
seconds or ms ?) or process limits.

good values are all up to you and your system, nobody can predict your 
needs. for sure set process limits per user to protect about stupid 
fork bombs, say to 100 or mayby 200 (guesing only). also limit memory 
usage. basically all documentation you are able to find about normal 
linux resources limiting aplies here as well.

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