[rsbac] RSBAC and Linux distribution upgrades

Guillaume Destuynder kang at rsbac.org
Tue May 3 17:37:24 CEST 2005

Patrique Wolfrum wrote:

>we are using SuSE Linux 8.2 on our faculty server, together with RSBAC
>(successful for quite some time :-) ). Since the support from SuSE for
>the 8.2 release will not last for long now that the 9.3 release is out
>(and two years have passed since the 8.2 release), we have decided to
>upgrade to the 9.3 release. In order to minimize my (and those of my
>team-colleagues) headaches concerning the upgrade, I have the following
>1. Are there certain, important points that have to be taken into
>account (special RSBAC backups, ...) ?
>2. Since (AFAIK) RSBAC saves the settings not according to the filename
>but to the Inode of the file, how can all the settings be played back in
>for the - in the upgrade process - replaced files ?
>Thank you very much in advance.
>Kind regards.
>    Patrique Wolfrum
First of all, I think you would need to give the RBSAC version you are 
running (latest ?)
Then, you can backup easily rsbac policies with the backup_all script 
(installed with rsbac admin tools):
# backup_all > rsbac_backup.sh
the script can be reused to re-apply the policy.. however, your daemons 
and some files will mostly certainly change when you upgrade the 

I guess you might want to wait for some other answers before doing "the 
thing", but backing up policies this way is already a good start

good luck,


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