[rsbac] RSBAC not initialzed while mounting DEV... delaying

Bencsath Boldizsar boldi at mail2005.etl.hu
Sat Apr 9 21:52:57 CEST 2005

I forgot to mention that I tried to use new 2.6.11 kernel with rsbac 1.2.4
to upgrade two different machines. (with bugfixes) On one of them rsbac
kernel with softmode enabled failed to boot due to some errors in the
internal rsbac tables. I did not have time to analyze the error, but if it
happens again, I'll tell You.
This was not great news, because I hoped upgrading remotely by using
softmode is a safe thing :)

On the other computer a previously reported error occoured: The kernel
hangs during the boot without any error. The problem is I had no
possibility to report it then, and know I am just trying to remember. The
boot process simply stoped at at a time.
Similar to
but no really suspicious lines except the rsbac infos regarding to the
mount of device 00:05 and such.

Anyhow, this is just a remark that strange problems happen, if I can tell
you anything more precisely, I'll do it...

On Fri, 8 Apr 2005 yuting at iastate.edu wrote:

> Hi
> I tried to use RSBAC in my class project. I downloaded the latest version,
> linux-2.6.11-rsbac-v1.2.4-20050317.tar.bz2 and recompiled the kernel. When
> I  boot the new kernel, I get the message
> rsbac_mount():RSBAC not initialzed while mounting DEV... delaying
> rsbac_mount(): sysfs mount detected, keeping values for later use.
> Consequently, I get errors when enabling access control modules, e.g. ACL,
> in rsbac_menu.
> My original linux is Redhat Fedora Core3. However, it is installed in a
> virtual PC generated by VMWare running in Windows, instead of in a real
> PC. I don't know whether it matters.
> Any help are appreciated.
> Yuting

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