[rsbac] Syscall return value

Amon Ott ao at rsbac.org
Wed Jul 2 10:21:57 MEST 2003

On Wednesday, 2. July 2003 00:25, Tommy wrote:
> I have a problem when using a syscall registered with 
> rsbac_reg_register_syscall. I have read on the documentation of REG that 
> return code of the syscall callback function is the value returned to the 
> process, while I've found that the return code is always -1 or a positive 
> value.

If -1, does the errno variable show the correct value?
> P.S.: I've also found two errors in the documentation regarding generic 
> When dealing with rsbac_list_register and rsbac_list_lol_register, in the 
> prototypes of the two functions the pointer for default values of data and 
> subdata are missing.

Right, the list doc is still in the 1.2.0 state, needs to be updated.

A lot of work on documentation is in progress, please hold out a few more 

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