[rsbac] Debian packages for rklogd and rsbac-admin?

Peter Busser peter at trusteddebian.org
Mon Apr 14 16:20:03 MEST 2003


> TrustedDebian is great. I started getting familiar with it and it would be 
> a pleasure for me to test 'side' packages like rklogd.

Well, Trusted Debian v0.9.3 is available and it contains new rsbac packages.
The kernel now includes the ACL module and there is a rsbac-klogd package as
well as rsbac-dev and rsbac-doc packages.

> To get off the topic for a moment:
> May I suggest to modify freeswan to place its config files under 
> /etc/ipsec.d/ ? In that case someone, working with it, does not have to 
> take care of its rights it's enough to set some RC_Type_FD to 
> /etc/ipsec.d. Or perhaps they should be left where they are just no to 
> confuse people got used to it. What is your opinion? Instead of it I 
> should place symlinks to them in /etc/ and move them to /etc/ipsec.d ?

I don't think that is a good idea. I use the FreeS/WAN package from Debian
unstable and it would cost too much time to modify it. I think you can give
that file the same rights as the other files. Or create a symlink.

> By the way, trusted debian is a great job indeed. Thanks for it.

Thank you for using it and providing feed-back.

Peter Busser

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