[rsbac] Debian packages for rklogd and rsbac-admin?

ghorvath at minolta.hu ghorvath at minolta.hu
Thu Apr 10 16:30:42 MEST 2003

Hi !
I had problem to restore my backup made under 1.2.1 to the new 1.2.2pre 
serie that's why I am not sure. Besides this I didn't have time to analyze 
the problem yet but I'll give a try to 1.2.2preX.
TrustedDebian is great. I started getting familiar with it and it would be 
a pleasure for me to test 'side' packages like rklogd.

To get off the topic for a moment:
May I suggest to modify freeswan to place its config files under 
/etc/ipsec.d/ ? In that case someone, working with it, does not have to 
take care of its rights it's enough to set some RC_Type_FD to 
/etc/ipsec.d. Or perhaps they should be left where they are just no to 
confuse people got used to it. What is your opinion? Instead of it I 
should place symlinks to them in /etc/ and move them to /etc/ipsec.d ?

By the way, trusted debian is a great job indeed. Thanks for it.

ghorvath at minolta.hu

Peter Busser <peter at trusteddebian.org>
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2003.04.10 13:31
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> slowly I am feed up with RedHat's update policy and started to change to 

> debian (it was a high time for it..don't you think? ;-) ) but now I had 
> problems with packages. Till this I have installed rsbac-admin from 
> tarball and rklogd from rpm but now I cannot find rklogd in deb format 
> anywhere. Additionally to this rsbac-admin is available from 
> (unfortunately only the 1.2.2-preX version and not the stable 1.2.1).

It looks like 1.2.2-pre4 is quite stable so far. You could give it a try 
and go
back to v1.2.1 if you encounter problems (which is rather unlikely). 
if you prefer 1.2.1, I may have a 1.2.1 package tree somewhere.

> Does anyone know something about rklogd deb package?

There is a lot of work to do on Trusted Debian and I thought it was more
important get at least some RSBAC stuff out first. And then make 
So I haven't looked at the rklogd stuff yet. But it should be no problem 
create a separate package for it and add kernel support for RSBAC's own 
facility. I would be happy if you would like to test such packages and 

There is more to be done on the RSBAC packages though, the man pages 
have their own rsbac-doc package (probably including some other useful
documentation). The librsbac.a or whatsitsname and perhaps kernel header 
should go in an rsbac-dev package. I hope to accomplish that the comming
weekend or eary next week.

> It would ease my life a lot so if there is someone with related info 
> please do not hesitate to share with us !

Well, that is what the Trusted Debian project is for, so people do not 
have to
reinvent the wheel over and over again.

Peter Busser
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