[rsbac] REG module

Tommy Tmy17 at inwind.it
Sat Apr 12 04:15:12 MEST 2003

I'm sorry for the delay of my reply, but I was very busy the past days

> Again my question: Why do you have to access files directly? Would it be
> possible to use a list registration for your data? The list file accesses
> are known to be stable.
For the moment I'm just doing some tests, probably I'll use them later.

> Could you please retry with ext2, so we can get closer to the problem?
> Also, a System.map is required to find the Oopsing function from the Oops
> report.
I've done several tests and I've found that the problem was in my module (what 
a surprise, eh?). While looking at the source of some modules, I found that 
some parts of the code were preeceded by "lock_kernel()" and, naturally,  
followed by "unlock_kernel()". So I tried to put he whole function that calls 
rsbac_write_open() between that two calls and everything worked. When I told 
you that the module worked with reiserfs it was because I used that two 
functions (and I forgot that I did that test with them).
I'm sorry for my mistake but, as I told you, I'm a newbie (perhaps a little 
less, now :) ).

Thank you very much for your answers.

Bye :)

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