[rsbac] Debian packages for rklogd and rsbac-admin?

Peter Busser peter at trusteddebian.org
Thu Apr 10 14:31:14 MEST 2003


> slowly I am feed up with RedHat's update policy and started to change to 
> debian (it was a high time for it..don't you think? ;-) ) but now I had 
> problems with packages. Till this I have installed rsbac-admin from 
> tarball and rklogd from rpm but now I cannot find rklogd in deb format 
> anywhere. Additionally to this rsbac-admin is available from trusteddebian 
> (unfortunately only the 1.2.2-preX version and not the stable 1.2.1).

It looks like 1.2.2-pre4 is quite stable so far. You could give it a try and go
back to v1.2.1 if you encounter problems (which is rather unlikely). However,
if you prefer 1.2.1, I may have a 1.2.1 package tree somewhere.

> Does anyone know something about rklogd deb package?

There is a lot of work to do on Trusted Debian and I thought it was more
important get at least some RSBAC stuff out first. And then make improvements.
So I haven't looked at the rklogd stuff yet. But it should be no problem to
create a separate package for it and add kernel support for RSBAC's own logging
facility. I would be happy if you would like to test such packages and provide

There is more to be done on the RSBAC packages though, the man pages should
have their own rsbac-doc package (probably including some other useful
documentation). The librsbac.a or whatsitsname and perhaps kernel header files
should go in an rsbac-dev package. I hope to accomplish that the comming
weekend or eary next week.

> It would ease my life a lot so if there is someone with related info 
> please do not hesitate to share with us !

Well, that is what the Trusted Debian project is for, so people do not have to
reinvent the wheel over and over again.

Peter Busser

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