[rsbac] Debian packages for rklogd and rsbac-admin?

ghorvath at minolta.hu ghorvath at minolta.hu
Thu Apr 10 13:23:19 MEST 2003

Dear members,

slowly I am feed up with RedHat's update policy and started to change to 
debian (it was a high time for it..don't you think? ;-) ) but now I had 
problems with packages. Till this I have installed rsbac-admin from 
tarball and rklogd from rpm but now I cannot find rklogd in deb format 
anywhere. Additionally to this rsbac-admin is available from trusteddebian 
(unfortunately only the 1.2.2-preX version and not the stable 1.2.1).

Does anyone know something about rklogd deb package? Perhaps rsbac-admin 

It would ease my life a lot so if there is someone with related info 
please do not hesitate to share with us !

Thanks a lot in advance,

Gabor Horvath
ghorvath at minolta.hu

ps: Amon, thank you once again the info, pppoe works perfectly with kernel 
2.4.20. Unfortunately patched pppd daemon doesn't.-------------- next part --------------
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