[rsbac] REG module

Amon Ott ao at rsbac.org
Wed Apr 9 10:01:21 MEST 2003

On Tuesday 08 April 2003 20:22, Tommy wrote:
> I know I should study and stop bothering all of you with my mails... but 
> found that the problem probably lies in the ext3 filesystem I use. In fact 
> module works well with backups in rsbac_write_open() (i. e. with the 
> RSBAC sources) when the filesystem is ReiserFS (both on SMP and single-cpu 
> machines). To be honest I haven't tested ext3 on a single-cpu, so the 
> could also be ext3 + SMP. I'll try as soon as I can. I've read that ext3 
> some bugs that will be fixed in the next release of the kernel. Perhaps the 
> problem is one of these?

We had some problems with secure delete on ext3 before, but no backup/SMP 
related ones.

Again my question: Why do you have to access files directly? Would it be 
possible to use a list registration for your data? The list file accesses are 
known to be stable.

Could you please retry with ext2, so we can get closer to the problem? Also, 
a System.map is required to find the Oopsing function from the Oops report.

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