[rsbac] REG module

Tommy Tmy17 at inwind.it
Tue Apr 8 21:22:30 MEST 2003

I know I should study and stop bothering all of you with my mails... but I've 
found that the problem probably lies in the ext3 filesystem I use. In fact my 
module works well with backups in rsbac_write_open() (i. e. with the original 
RSBAC sources) when the filesystem is ReiserFS (both on SMP and single-cpu 
machines). To be honest I haven't tested ext3 on a single-cpu, so the problem 
could also be ext3 + SMP. I'll try as soon as I can. I've read that ext3 has 
some bugs that will be fixed in the next release of the kernel. Perhaps the 
problem is one of these?

Bye :)

P.S.: ok, next time I'll wait at least halt a day before sending another mail 

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