[rsbac] REG module

Tommy Tmy17 at inwind.it
Tue Apr 8 00:09:05 MEST 2003

I've done further tests and I've found that if I change #if 1 in #if 0 in 
rsbac/data_structures/aci_data_structures.c, at line 1868, to avoid the 
compilation of the portion of code that does backup of files in 
rsbac_write_open(), not only my module works perfectly (it doesn't crash), 
but I also can change the uid of the calling process (I told you in my 
previous e-mail that I was only able to do this in manteinace mode... now it 
works even with "normal" kernel). I haven't look to the "incrimined" code in 
detail to see if the problem is there or in the module I wrote (tomorrow and 
the day after tomorrow I've exams...),  I'll let you know if I discover 
anything new. Ah, the names I use for the files I create are correct (no /, 
they are created in rsbac.dat and the filesystem I use is ext3, so there 
aren't problems of filenames too long).

Bye :)

P.S.: thank you very much of your help :)

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