[rsbac] RPMSs and Mandriva RPMs

Gergely Lónyai alephlg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 15:54:58 CET 2008


I upload the x86_64 packages and i updating the apache and mod_rsbac.
If everyone build the RPMs for other distros, please send me a email.


From: Gergely Lónyai <alephlg at gmail.com>
>Please testing and commenting this packages (the x86_64 packages in tomorrow): 
>...and please add this packages/repo the download section in website.
>The Mandriva users run this commands for add repository:
>/usr/sbin/urpmi.addmedia --update rsbac ftp://www.rsbac.hu/Mandriva/unofficial/rsbac/2009.0/i586
>/usr/sbin/urpmi.addmedia --update rsbac ftp://www.rsbac.hu/Mandriva/unofficial/rsbac/2009.0/x86_64
>Other RPM-based distribution's users please rebuild the SRPMS.

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