[rsbac] Problem with rsbac-admin example code.

kang kang at rsbac.org
Wed Nov 28 12:05:37 CET 2007

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Fabio Pozzi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> please use the samples from the kernel directory
>> (rsbac/adf/reg/reg_sampleX.c) for now. They are the same, but have
>> been updated to work with recent kernels.
>> The next release of the rsbac-admin package will have the same samples
>> that compile with newer kernels. (at least starting from 2.6.23)
> Hi,
> I'm using the reg_sampleX.c examples for the reg modules part, but
> reg_syscall.c is the only code example of a userland piece of code that
> a syscall defined inside a reg module.
> This is what I would do and I don't know which files have to be included or
> how to solve that errors.
> I've attached the reg_syscall.c code. It's simple but the rsbac_reg() call
> create some problems.
> Thank you in advance,
> Fabio Pozzi

Hi again,

the next release also include the makefile to build reg_syscall. You
can build it by hand as follow:
- - build/install rsbac-admin package/tarball (with libraries etc)
- - go to main/tools/examples/reg
- - add the header "#include <string.h>" to reg_syscall.c (top of the file)
- - gcc reg_syscall.c -l rsbac -o reg_syscall

Alternatively you can grab the fixed examples from here:
http://download.rsbac.org/tmp/reg.tar.bz2  and run "make" until the
next release

If you still have any problem please tell me specifically which errors
you are getting and under which conditions

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