[rsbac] ACLs / acl_grant Problem ff...

jochem_ippers at email.de jochem_ippers at email.de
Mon Jan 16 20:18:34 CET 2006

Hi again :-(,
I tried a lot to set masks / ACLs on files and directories, but I can't even set anything when secoff is the owner of the directory/file. No matter what I do, the answer is always: operation not permitted. Isn't the secoff the supervisor of the whole system? Do I have to prepare him or the devices or the filesystem somehow (unix and rsbac layer, before and after installation)? I would like to turn off the unix rights system for a subtree but of course: operation not permitted.
Does anyone have a short first-steps description for rsbac or anything like this? I'm sorry for these questions, but there is hardly no documentation about 'first steps/problems' or for typical usage procedurs. And I would like to show rsbac to my boss in the next days :-).

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