[rsbac] other daz_scanners cannot access malwares

Orosz Tamás Tamas.Orosz at groupama.hu
Fri Aug 25 08:25:54 CEST 2006

Dear List,

1st: Thanks the previous answers for Yours (change builtin roles, and prevent secoff passwd change subjects), I was on holiday, so I could not read the answers before.

2nd: I use DAZ module with Clamav(Clamuko). Unfortunately clamuko does not support scan access on write (or maybeI'm wrong?), so eg. anybody can upload malware via ftp, and, of course, cannot read/execute it. But I can not delete it via clamdscan, because clamdscan has no access too. I set up clamdscan daz_scanner attribute to 1 (I think, daz_scanners can access the infected files), but it did not solve my problem. 
How can I access to the malwares eg. with clamdscan? I can remove this malwares with clamdscan only when I switched DAZ to softmode (eg. clamdscan run via crontab), but I would not to switch softmode.

3th: Sorry for my bad English :)

Any idea?

Best wishes,

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