[rsbac] Re: Thoughts on the "No Linux Security Modules framework" old claims

Lorenzo Hernández García-Hierro lorenzo at gnu.org
Wed Feb 23 23:34:43 CET 2005

El mié, 23-02-2005 a las 14:07 -0800, Crispin Cowan escribió:
> If that is what you meant, then we had no issue.
> It looked like you were referring to Immunix because, in the quoted 
> text, one paragraph only discussed Immunix (by name) and then the 
> subsequent paragraph just said "them" and then talked about patents. 
> There was no mention of SCC.
> So even if you meant SCC, the casual reader only saw "Immunix" followed 
> by "patents", and would infer the obvious.

Yes, my fault.
I hope this will let readers out of any possible confusion, again, sorry
for any inconveniences, wasn't my intention to create confusion around

At least from my side, I don't have fights nor bad relationships with
anybody from Immunix, but also I just know a very few people from there.

Lorenzo Hernández García-Hierro <lorenzo at gnu.org> 
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