[rsbac] Full Time Job Offer: RSBAC development

Amon Ott ao at m-privacy.de
Wed Apr 6 10:51:55 CEST 2005

Dear RSBAC users,

m-privacy GmbH is a young company offering Linux based server systems 
and consulting services for secure internet access and servers.
We see ourselves as specialists for high level security and privacy, 
targeting at public services and companies with special security 
needs. The company is based in Berlin, Germany.

Our development team is at the head of RSBAC development. To follow 
our ambitious plans, we need another full time developer who is 
willing to help in designing and programming new RSBAC features and 
tools. This task needs engagement and ambition, but it also allows to 
personally move Linux security a big step forward and thus make a 
difference. The job is meant to start at the 1st of July 2005.

We are looking for someone who can meet the following wishlist:

- Engagement and ambition (regular overtime working not expected)
- Good C programming skills
- Good knowledge of Linux server administration
- Willingness to learn and explore new fields of knowledge
- Ability to work within or without the team, as needed
- Acceptable English in speech, reading and writing

- Linux kernel programming experience
- Basic knowledge of IT Security
- Experience with RSBAC
- Experience in networking and firewalls
- Acceptable German in speech, reading and writing for everyday use

- Experience with Clusters
- Good German in speech, reading and writing for customer contacts

If you are interested, please contact me for further details.

Amon Ott
m-privacy GmbH - http://www.m-privacy.de - GnuPG: 2048g/EA898571 

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