[rsbac] / in ramdisk

Martin Heyer martin.heyer at gmx.de
Thu Sep 9 02:14:59 CEST 2004

Is there a place (except the sources :) where the function of those rsbac.dat 
directories is explained? <long explaination> I just set up a system with / 
in a ramdisk and a hdd mounted  somewhere in there. The problem is that rsbac 
"forgets" its config in /rsbac.dat for obvious reason. There is no way of 
making and playing in a copy because this dir is protected. Now I wrote a 
startscript with all necessary rsbac configuraion. Now it just has to be 
I wrote a small suid-wrapper that is suid 400 and starts the skript, which 
can't be starded twice (checks this). Of course all this lies on the harddisk 
in /hdd/...</long explaination>
The final step was setting the auth_may_suid on this wrapper.
IMHO this would be saved in /rsbac.dat so that it can be re-read on startup.
But somehow rsbac also forgets this bit on reboot.
Could it be that parts of the config in /hdd/...
are kept in /rsbac.dat instead of /hdd/rsbac.dat? (and get lost on reboot)

Thank you,

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