[rsbac] Yet another couple of questions

Nick Vasiliev delete852 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 25 20:15:26 CEST 2004

Hi again, I have a couple of more question. Pardon my
ignorace on this, but I am still learning. When I
asked questions before I had RSBAC running on
Admanatix, and although the distro had some cool stuff
I couldn't get snort working on it. So... I installed
my beloved debian, recompiled 2.6 with RSBAC, and now
I am back online. Now as I rememmber Adamatix already
had most of RSBAC required stuff running, so I could
get into using it right away, however now I have a
problem, when I try to make major changes to some of
the users, or switch global softmode off and turn off
modules I get the following error:

I have created an so user with uid of 400, and i put
him in so group. Now the same thing happens if I do it
with the root user or the so user. So where did I go

BTW, I got the prepatched 2.6.7 from your site, and I
apt-got rsbac-admin

Am I missing something? 

Thanks, Nick

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