[rsbac] rsbac-kernel-2.6.7-r6 cant compile with GCC-3.4.2

Rumen Yotov rumen_yotov at dir.bg
Mon Oct 25 16:02:24 CEST 2004

Hi All,
i'm using gentoo - ~x86, hardened.
Compiled kernels - 2.6.7-r2,r3 with GCC-3.3.4 all OK.
But with GCC-3.4.2-r2 can't compile the kernel-2.6.7-r6.
Sorry for crossposting but also filed a bug on bugs.gentoo.org - don't have the number now, sorry, here it is: BUG-68745.
There are the logs - shortly it gives an error while compiling ADF.
The same kernel compiles OK even w/ PaX and w/o any RSBAC.
Not very sure if the culpit is GCC but seems so. i'll try later with GCC-3.3.4 again but have first to emerge it.

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