[rsbac] Problems with RSBAC 1.2.2 (AUTH) and Kernel 2.4.25 (with Pax)

Patrique Wolfrum Patrique.Wolfrum at vwl.uni-freiburg.de
Mon Mar 29 15:28:12 CEST 2004


Thank you for your fast reply.

>>Since I have "upgraded" to kernel 2.4.25 (with the new pax patch), I 
>>have the following problems when using rsbac_menu:
>>Under "File/Dir Attributes", I can't add any capabilities under "AUTH 
>>Capabilties". When I press "Enter" in order to add a UID, which the 
>>process should be able to change to, nothing happens (only the screen 
>>gets redrawn). Deleting Capabilities is possible however.
>>The second problem is under "User Attributes", where I can't select 
>>users via the option "User List". It happens the same as above (no 
>>reaction but redrawing the screen).
>Can you please check, whether attr_get_user -bl prints your user list 
The user list is printed correctly.

>The -V parameter needs a numeric argument, it does NOT display the current 
>version (use program without parameters for this), but rather tries to 
>upgrade old parameters from previous versions. It should only be used to 
>restore old backups. I will fix the segfault.
Ah, then I have misunderstood this parameter.

With best regards.
    Patrique Wolfrum

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