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webby webby at firexsecurity.com
Sun Mar 7 17:02:19 CET 2004

What parameter do I put for lilo to start with safemode ebabled?

Thank you

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At 14:05 07.03.2004, webby wrote:
>I have to install rsbac remotely. therefore after rsbac is installed. I can
>not log in using ssh due the fact the ssh can't change owner. not permitted
>by rsbac. I have the following though.
>install rsbac on the remote host. Before I reboot the machine, I upload the
>config file to the server, (it is the dir /rsbac.dat, isn't it) and then
>reboot the machine. I hope after the reboot rsbac can use that settings.
>any body has a better idea?

Yes, compile with safemode and have safemode enabled via boot options.
configure RSBAC until all "denied"s are gone.

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