[rsbac] rsbac-1.2.3-pre2 on kernel 2.6.0 on SuSE 9.0

Amon Ott ao at rsbac.org
Fri Jan 2 15:49:06 CET 2004

On Freitag, 2. Januar 2004 12:48, Deim Agoston wrote:
> Amon Ott <ao at rsbac.org> irta:
> > test system does not yet run smoothly with 2.6, e.g. loadkeys crashes, and 
> > that the current Debian stable does not work well with 2.6. I expect to 
> > over to 2.6 before 1.2.3-final, though.
> I hope that doesn't mean that the main development will be focused to
> 2.6 only. I think it has to be more tested and needs some time to be as
> stable as 2.4.x. Or does it mean that new features/etc will be tested
> mostly on 2.6 and you will vmware your 2.4 system on your devel box?
> bye,

As long as 2.6.0 is not rock solid (maybe around 2.6.13, as with 2.2 and 
2.4?), 2.4 will remain the most important line and will run on most of my 
servers. This means that 2.4 will be well supported as long as it is needed 
(just think of 2.2 support still being there in 1.2.2, after two years of 

New features are currently developed and first tested on 2.4.23, then they get 
ported to 2.6.0 and tested there. This will change to 2.6 first in the near 
future. Since most of the code is shared for all kernel versions, this is not 
likely to cause any problems.

Instead, the code quality for 2.6 is expected to rise, because I simply test 
it a lot more. OTOH, the 2.4 parts are rock solid, so there is not much to go 
wrong, and it is still running on really many test systems.

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