[rsbac] To-Do List for 1.2.3

Amon Ott ott at compuniverse.de
Sun Sep 28 00:57:37 MEST 2003

On Montag, 29. September 2003 16:39 quoth Chirag Pandya:
> I am just worried that if I have a problem with rsbac
> during initial boot, i'd like to see the system show
> me the init sequence completely.
> It would be good to have the ability to "redirect" ALL
> rsbac messages BUT I'm fine with having init/warning
> messages stay in /var/ ...
> I just want "GRANTED"/"NOT GRANTED" (+ if I have
> extended debugging on) messages all go to selected
> logging source.

OK, I will start with this limited version.


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