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Stoyan Zhekov sto at zhware.net
Mon Sep 29 15:59:07 MEST 2003

Hi, i started a wiki pages for rsbac-related texts after a talk
with ao on #rsbac:

<zhware> some rsbac cookbook will be good. i saw in the ML some good examples - 
   like apache RC+ACL. is already something similar?
<ao> At hhhtp://books.rsbac.org/ we try to create a set of books, including cookbooks. 
   It is a huge amount of work, and the project leader Henk Kl?pping is a bit busy 
   these days.
<ao> A good start would be some mini-howto, collection the samples from the list. 
   I need some volunteers...
<zhware> ao: what about some wiki like a source for raw material. 
   so a lot of ppl can contribute. from this material qualified ppl 
   can create good docs
<ao> Good, as long as someone really collects everything 
   and compiled the docs.
<ao> I have no experience with wikis, me might just try.
<zhware> btw gyus if you want to give wiki a try - 
   http://zhware.ath.cx/rsbac/ - feel free to experiment
<ao> Thank you. Would you mind posting this link to the mailing list to 
   get more people interested?

So if you are interested feel free to try. 
Wiki is self-structured so I don't know what will be the result.
If it is good - we will have some sources for creating
If nobody is interested will stop it to not mess with the
main documentation.

I think interesting to start with will be some results from
experiments, tips and tricks (something like w cookbook), or just
to extract recipies/samples from the ML.
No need to duplicate the docs from the main site. No need to fancy
formating. Just click [Edit] button and paste your text.

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