[rsbac] Re: Some oopsen

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sun Sep 28 12:47:38 MEST 2003

> - Kernel vanilla 2.4.22
> - RSBAC 1.2.2
> - lm_sensors 2.6.5

Please update lm_sensors to 2.8.0. An installation guide is available

(Basically, it provides a modified patch for i2c, to be applied to your
kernel sources. Then, you can install lm_sensors as usual).

> - sensors-detect (pressed enter to every prompt):
> (...)
> Next adapter: SMBus I801 adapter at 5000 (Non-I2C SMBus adapter)
> Do you want to scan it? (YES/no/selectively):
> Can't open /dev/i2c[-/]2

You really should create this device file. Take a look at how devices 0
and 1 are named (depends wether you are using devfs or not) and use
mknod to create it (by default: char device, major 89, minor 2; see
prog/mkdev/mkdev.sh). Then, sensors-detect should be able to scan your
i801 chip and maybe find some other devices. 

If the problem persists with 2.8.0, we'll take a look at the oopses.

Jean Delvare

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