[rsbac] smp boot problem

Florian Tischler florian.tischler at oeaw.ac.at
Wed Sep 24 12:44:12 MEST 2003

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Hi List,

I have troubles booting rsbac kernel on a dual xeon machine.
With boot option nosmp & noapic everything seems to work fine.
With rsbac_softmode as boot option it runs even with SMP enabled.

With 2 CPUs the last lines i can see are:
rsbac_init(): Ready
Freeing unused mernel memory
INIT: version 2.82 booting
rsbac_get_attr(): auto-mounting device 00:05
rsbac_acl_get_single_rigth(): Could not lookup device!
rsbac_acl_check_right(): rsbac_acl_get_single_rigth() returned error RSBAC_EINVALIDDEV!
rsbac_adf_request(): request CLOSE ... prog_name boot, uid 0, target_type FIFO ...result NOT_GRANTED by ACL
filp_close() [sys_close]: ADF-call returned NOT GRANTED
the same a second time and the machine hangs.

With softmode i get 2 times the message
rsbac_get_attr(): auto-mounting device 00:05 - next is mounting of
filesystems - booting continues and no error messages appear.

More detailed description of the server:
- - Rsbac-version is 1.2.2 (prepatched kernel from rsbac.org)
- - Linux is SuSE Linux 8.2
- - Kernel is compiled without module support - only needed stuff (which is not
very much for a web/database server) is compiled in. Highmem-Support is
compiled in. Processor-Optimisation is for P4. Compiled with gcc 2.95.3
- - Filesystem is etx3.
- - Machine is dual xeon 2.4 Ghz (hyperthreading disabled) 2GB Ram, Adaptec
7902 with system disk, adaptec 2110S Raid for data storage.

I´m new to rsbac. i have used lids for years on single cpu machines.
The reason for switching is that rsbac is said to be smp-save and lids isn´t.
Rsbac also looks more powerfull to me.

Any ideas how i can solve this problem?

Best Regards,

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