[rsbac] starting tracks of RSBAC

Chirag P searchformehere at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 11 11:33:08 MEST 2003

--- "Gurpreet Singh (SCM)" <gurpreet at quark.co.in>
> 1. I am unable to login with any other username
> including secoff other than
> root itself. probably for this reason only as I am
> logged in by root I get
> "Operation not permitted" while using certain option
> in the rsbac_menu

Yes for the most part you have to be user "secoff"
with user ID 400 to be able to set many of the

> 2. I am going thru RSBAC readme for kernel
> parameters.
> How to pass the parameters in the Kernel
> configuration. Is this to be done
> while doing "make oldconfig" and how / where ( which
> file to edit) to enable
> certain option on kernel config ?

At the lilo prompt (or grub prompt) 
Lilo: <kernel-name> rsbac_auth_enable_login.    

> 3.   How to go to the Maintenance mode - Kernel, is
> this the same default
> kernel of the Linux ? or diff..

Maintenance kernel is different from the regular Linux
kernel.  You have to build it with
CONFIG_RSBAC_MAINT=y when you are configuring the
kernel using "make menuconfig"

Once built, add it to your bootloader config file, and
at boot-time pick the appropriate kernel


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