[rsbac] starting tracks of RSBAC

Gurpreet Singh (SCM) gurpreet at quark.co.in
Wed Jun 11 22:12:10 MEST 2003

Hi All

I am well on starting tracks of RSBAC.
This Mail lists really helps... 

Certain query I need to get answered for.....to proceed 
I have Suse Linux 7.0 Ent on my box
Kernel 2.4.18 (earlier 2.4.7)
RSBAC v-1.2.0

1. I am unable to login with any other username including secoff other than
root itself. probably for this reason only as I am logged in by root I get
"Operation not permitted" while using certain option in the rsbac_menu

2. I am going thru RSBAC readme for kernel parameters.
How to pass the parameters in the Kernel configuration. Is this to be done
while doing "make oldconfig" and how / where ( which file to edit) to enable
certain option on kernel config ?

3.   How to go to the Maintenance mode - Kernel, is this the same default
kernel of the Linux ? or diff..

This goes enough  this time.... for me to proceed ^

Gurpreet S

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