[rsbac] undefined symbol: __guard

ghorvath at minolta.hu ghorvath at minolta.hu
Tue Jul 29 11:05:20 MEST 2003


I have just installed a new debian (minimum) system, upgraded to adamantix 
stable and faced the problem while replacing bash: 
/bin/sh: relocation error: /bin/sh: undefined symbol: __guard

Then I upgraded to unstable because I remembered that Andras Huszar wrote 
something about it but the problem remained.

What's more setting my shell to tcsh I cannot login.. Apt-get stoped at 
replacing bash so my system is between stable and unstable adamantix and I 
am getting crazyyy.. (It is the second install: first time I did a 'find / 
rsbac.dat --exec rm {} \;' :-) I forgot about the slash AND not used --ok 
as usual so it would be great to finally finish this install.. :-) )

Please help. Any suggestion?

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