[rsbac] patch-2.4.21-v1.2.1.gz uploaded to /pre

Bencsath Boldizsar boldi at mail2003.etl.hu
Tue Jul 1 17:53:59 MEST 2003

I've just tried my rsbac 1.2.1 + lin 2.4.21 + freeswan + grsecurity kernel
again, and this time found some problems with grsecurity:

If Address space layout randomization is active from grsecurity, then I
could not apply the (backup_all_1.1.2) created rsbac restore script.
Sometimes kernel oops appeared sometimes the computers just resets.

After turning off these (not-so-important) parts of grsecurity the problem

I also found some bug in my patched kernel, socket.c sometimes did not
compile. A simple patch is on my webpage.

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