[rsbac] RSBAC + sparc64

Andre Pohl apohl at gmx.de
Thu Feb 13 18:27:07 MET 2003

Hello Amon!

>>After patching the unistd.h in asm-sparc I tried to compile the admin 
>>tools changing the <kernel>/include/asm link to asm-sparc. Now the tools 
>>are build without any critical warning or error but when I try to set 
>>the auth_may_setuid for /bin/login I get a "RSBAC_EINVALIDVALUE" error.
>How do you try to set this?
At some point, I tried everything to get it work, so I just applied the 
patch you've provided me to fix the syscall error in 
asm-sparc64/unistd.h to get the right syscall number. ;)

>Just rechecked, all RSBAC type definition with shifts use __u64 etc, which 
>should work with any system.
>Could you please send me the compile warnings about the shifts? The invalid 
>value is probably related to that. 
Currently I have no access to the linux machine at work, but as soon as 
I could get it back online, I'll send you the warnings. Should be during 
next week.

>BTW: What is the byte order in sparc64, is 
>it the same as in i386?
I think sparc64 is big endian ordered, while x86 is litte endian.

Thank you for your help and your great work.


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