[rsbac] RSBAC + sparc64

Amon Ott ao at rsbac.org
Thu Feb 13 16:06:15 MET 2003

Hello Andre!

Sorry for answering so late, I had my mind full of too many other things.

On Tuesday 28 January 2003 13:59, Andre Pohl wrote:
> I tried again with those patches applied. The "Function not implemented" 
> error is gone, but I couldn't get the admin tools running. I compiled 
> them with gcc 2.95.4 with asm link in <kernel>/include set to 
> asm-sparc64 and the assembler exits with an error. gcc 3.0 compiles the 
> package, but I get tons of warnings about shifting over the range of a 
> type (32bit usermode, 64bit kernelmode?). When I try to set the 
> auth_may_setuid attribute for /bin/login I get an error "Unknown error 
> 1018".

-1018 is the RSBAC error code for EINVALIDVALUE.
> After patching the unistd.h in asm-sparc I tried to compile the admin 
> tools changing the <kernel>/include/asm link to asm-sparc. Now the tools 
> are build without any critical warning or error but when I try to set 
> the auth_may_setuid for /bin/login I get a "RSBAC_EINVALIDVALUE" error.

How do you try to set this?

Just rechecked, all RSBAC type definition with shifts use __u64 etc, which 
should work with any system.

Could you please send me the compile warnings about the shifts? The invalid 
value is probably related to that. BTW: What is the byte order in sparc64, is 
it the same as in i386?

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