[rsbac] question about the PM model

Chris Wesdorp jcwesdorp at planet.nl
Tue Feb 4 18:51:57 MET 2003

I'm currently working on a document about RSBAC, it's a project I do for 
school. When I'm finished I will let you all known where to get a copy. 
My main interest is getting RSBAC running on my ADSL server here at home.

I just read about the Privacy Model. Is it a right statement that the 
basic function of the PM is equal to Microsoft's DRM? The principes 
(purpose binding and necessity for data collection and processing) for 
DRM are the same as PM, I don't know for sure but I think there not 
based on any law (except there own, that prevent us from being the real 
boss on our own systems :(  ). I question my own statement on the fact 
the in all the articles I read about DRM they talk about online checking 

My questions are:
- Is my statement right (PM = DRM)?
- Could the PM model be used for the same functions that DRM is going to 
be used for?
- Is PM still evolving?

Thanks in advance,
Chris Wesdorp.

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