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Amon Ott ao at rsbac.org
Tue Aug 19 11:39:49 MEST 2003


Initiated by Henk Klöpping (Project Leader), Stanislav Ievlev and me, the 
RSBAC Book project aims to develop a set of handbooks for different aspects 
of RSBAC. The following books have been planned:

    * The RSBAC introduction
    * The RSBAC programmers reference manual
    * The RSBAC programmers cookbook
    * The RSBAC reference manual
    * The RSBAC cookbook

The introduction, internally called Book 0, is almost finished. The reference 
manual is already quite helpful, although the other books have not yet been 
outlined completely.

All books are written in Docbook. We are still seeking help by Proof Readers, 
Authors and Editors, please see Chapter III of the first book for some (still 
incomplete) information about the structure of the project.

The RSBAC books are available at http://books.rsbac.org. The SGML (later XML) 
source will soon be accessible via anonymous CVS.

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