R: [rsbac] secure module handling

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Tue Sep 10 09:32:01 2002

On Monday, 9. September 2002 17:10, Alberto Guglielmo wrote:
> The problem is that the properties of /proc "vanish" after a reboot, in 
> of the fact that the inode is always the same (#1 curious...) I think the
> cause is: /proc is not a true "filesystem" and you cannot have a
> /proc/rsbac.dat directory.

Some proc inode numbers are fixed, but most are allocated on the fly. Saving 
/proc attributes somewhere in a /rsbac.dat (e.g. on root partition) would 
lead to inconsistencies.

The only reliable solution is to backup them and restore on every reboot.