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Alberto Guglielmo rsbac@rsbac.org
Mon Sep 9 17:21:01 2002

I lost myself!
I'm using a RH7.3 Linux distribution with a 2.4.19 kernel + RSBAC 1.2.1pre6
I tried to reproduce the configuration, but the behaviour is a little
different: I notice the accesses to /etc/ld.so.cache and don't care of them,
but I notice also accesses to /proc/sys/kernel/tainted from modprobe
(insmod), and I have to allow them to make modprobe work. There are also many
other accesses: target_type FILE: /etc/modules.conf, /proc/meminfo /etc/mtab
(by depmod); target_type FIFO .....
The problem is that the properties of /proc "vanish" after a reboot, in spite
of the fact that the inode is always the same (#1 curious...) I think the
cause is: /proc is not a true "filesystem" and you cannot have a
/proc/rsbac.dat directory.
Anyway... I'm unable to figure how to escape from this trap. If the role
module_admin has read permissions out of /lib/modules you can insmod
Am I wrong? Any suggestion/clue/laugh?

Alberto Guglielmo

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to make sure that only trusted kernel modules are loaded,
I did the following (using RC and version 1.1.2):
- assigned /lib/modules to rc_type_fd modules
- assigned all binaries and libraries to rc_type_fd sysfiles
- all roles have read_only to sysfiles and modules
- created role module_admin
- assigned rc_force_role of /sbin/insmod to role module_admin
- removed add_to_kernel and remove_from_kernel
  from all roles except module_admin
- removed all permissions to General_FD from
  role module_admin

Now insmod can only load modules from /lib/modules and
nobody can write there. The system works, but everytime
modprobe, lsmod, rmmod or insmod are called, they try
to access /etc/ld.co.cache. This is not granted. The modules
get loaded and unloaded, though. Now I granted the role
module_admin read to this file, but the inode changes every time
ldconfig is run. But I don't want to grant read to /etc fo that role,
because then root could create some module there and load it.

What do you think about my solution ? Any comments ?

Andreas Baetz

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