[rsbac] slack 8 problems

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Tue Mar 26 10:11:01 2002

On Tuesday, 26. March 2002 07:20, Metrix wrote:
> i installed the admin tools as root, into the default
> directory. when i logged in as secoff, either on rsbac
> or maintenance kernel, i do not have permission to run
> the rsbac programs? what permissions and owners should
> the programs in /usr/local/bin/rsbac* have?

Standard rwxr-xr-x. Never had any problems with execution rights, except 
where I messed up RSBAC config...

Question: Is your /usr/local/bin dir in the user path? The scripts either 
need the other tools in path, or the RSBACDIR variable set to the dir.