[rsbac] Backup problem

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Thu Aug 8 12:45:01 2002

On Thursday, 8. August 2002 10:06, ghorvath@minolta.hu wrote:
> I am using 1.2.1-pre1 because when I wanted to update my working config 
> was unable even to start my machine. But this is an other story.
> 1. At me, System Admin role doesn't have access to SCD [network nor 
> firewall] at all. The problem is when I make a backup and restore it, it 
> will have full access.
> 2. The same with NET{DEV,TEMP,OBJ} System Admin role has NO access to 
> these. Contrary to this after a backup/restore it will.

The problem here are the default settings for an unconfigured system.

I have just added a new kernel boot option rsbac_no_defaults, which 
suppresses any automatic setups. If you use this with rsbac_softmode (and no 
maint kernel), you should also use rsbac_nosyslog - otherwise your screen 
will be flooded with errors.

You find this in the 2.4.19-v1.2.1 dir on the rsync server.

> 3. By the way, after a backup in the backup file I will find 
> "attr_set_file_dir //etc/.." instead of "attr_set_file_dir FD //etc/..". I 
> have to make the changes by hand (I have a small script for it :-). Is 
> this normal or it is not but it is corrected in a later version?

It should work nevertheless, because FD is the default target and gets used 
when missing. Will correct this.