[rsbac] Kernel errors

Amon Ott rsbac@rsbac.org
Wed Apr 24 11:02:01 2002

On Tuesday, 23. April 2002 01:17, Kim Scholte wrote:
> Once again I encountered the error while running 'find ./ -name
> "*nss*tar.gz"' as root.
> Amon asked me to send a System.map, but since it's about 300kb, I uploaded
> it to http://www.i-vision.be/System.map.
> (what does a system.map do btw ? :)

It helps me to find the functions from the call trace addresses. BTW, I meant 
to send the file to me, who does not mind getting large mails from time to 

> The kernel itself is 2.4.18-rsbac-1.2.0-pre6 (downloaded from the /kernel
> section on the rsbac page)
> So, here's an example: (they keep on comming, with a growing call trace).

Since errors may produce other errors, could you please send me the first 
three Oops messages?

The one you sent had the rsbac_list_get_desc() function as last call, which 
has just been changed significantly in my local tree. So you might as well 
wait for the new pre8, which should come out this week.