[rsbac] Re: rsbac+grsecurity 2.4.17

Bencsath Boldizsar rsbac@rsbac.org
Thu Apr 4 14:38:02 2002

I'm sorry not posting this one, but I had no time to figure out small
problems, so:
contains now my latest kernel
Linux 2.4.17 + Rsbac 1.1.2 + Grsecurity +Freeswan as of dec31 + XFS +
mjc2 (realtime, preemptive) patches.
Some hints:
Turn _off_ "set version information on all module symbols" and "kernel
module loader" If you get variable/symbol not defined while loading
modules, and recompile the whole kernel.
Grsecurity had a problem, I think if I turned on randomize IP but not
turned on randomize pid, then did not compile. Try to check the appropiate
options :)
Other problem _was_ (i don't know if it exists today..) that rsbac and PAX
patch (against buffer overflows) made the computer hang at startup.

Anyhow, it seems to be pretty stable on my computers, good luck...

Bencsath Boldizsar