[rsbac] T-Shirt and Banner design contest

Stanislav Ievlev rsbac@rsbac.org
Thu Apr 4 12:34:01 2002

Amon Ott wrote:

>Hello Fans!-)
>This is a call for designs for our fan T-shirts and RSBAC Web banners. You 
>probably know that I am a system, not a graphics designer...
>- 10cm x 10cm printing area
>- Preferably only one, but max. 2 printing colors (keeps costs a lot lower)
>- No rastering for greyscales etc. possible
>- We need the design in both vector (.cdr or .eps) and bitmap (.gif) format
>- The T-Shirts will cost ca. 10 Euro each, plus packaging and sending
>- I have not yet figured out how to do the export outside EU
>- .gif (may be animated, but better not too big...)
>- Standard size 468x60 or 234x60 pixel
>- Will be available at http://rsbac.org/images/banner.gif for Web page 
>inclusion (please reference directly, so it can be changed later)
>- No other limits
>All designs sent to me until 1st of May will be put up at 
>http://rsbac.org/fanstuff. We can then elect the best of each category.

http://rsbac.org/fanstuff/tshirt.gif  -- looks fine ;)

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