[rsbac] rsbac vs grsec

Javier Juan Martinez Cabezon tazok.id0 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 21:58:37 CEST 2017

On 28/03/17 21:37, Lokesh Ubuntu wrote:
> Hello. I was curious if anyone could offer a compare&contrast type of thing
> regarding grsecurity versus rsbac? I have used grsec for a few months now
> and am pleased with it (although my old acls don't seem to work in the
> newest version). Could anyone shed some light on what the main differences
> are? Thanks.
> Regards, Lokesh
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grsec has better learning mode approach (IMHO), but only has rbac (RC in
rsbac) as security framework and AUTH, CAP and JAIL

RSBAC also implements Bell La Padula security model in MAC model
RSBAC also has UDF and DAZ modules which allows you mark scanners to
control your system (i.e antivirus for mail servers)

We also have UM that implements autenthication in kernel land with own
syscalls and can restrict setuid only to autenthicated programs

Recently rsbac also integrated PaX but because of changes promoted by
grsec devs Amon had to drop it and implement his own approach (W or X)

Grsec has Brad Spengler and Pipacs, two great developers, and probably
two references, we have Amon, Michal and Kang, we win them 3 vs 2 :)

PD: if Brad read this, my english is too horrible just to maintain one
coherent discussion and your level overwhelms mine, but I think I was
coherent, don't you think???

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