[rsbac] rsbac on raspberry pi

Javier Juan Martínez Cabezón tazok at rsbac.org
Mon Jul 6 07:45:49 CEST 2015

Damn! How did you do?!, Are you running the modified kernel/firmware
owned by raspberry pi fundation?, ¿rsbac sources?, ¿did you patched it
by hand? ¿had to solve rejections?, did you need to dance around a camp

I'm compiling a gentoo hardened in a raspberry pi 2 model B. ¿Can you
send your .config? ¿Did you have troubles building paxtest?

Jens 1 tazok 0

On 05/07/15 23:16, Jens Kasten wrote:
> Hi,
> on my Raspberry Pi runs a Gentoo/hardened with RSBAC and PAX  :D
> Linux raspberry-pi 3.18.16-rsbac-4+ #2 PREEMPT Sun Jul 5 22:49:47 CEST
> 2015 armv6l BCM2708 GNU/Linux
> For PAX this options must at moment disabled:
> There is an issue left with PAX but need a bit time.
> Jens
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